Ignite the Night with Fireball Whisky


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Sweet heat that tastes like the famous cinnamon candies, Red Hots, is the best way to describe Fireball Whiskey. It goes down nice and sweet and leaves your palate with a spicy cinnamon finish. Like liquid candy for adults, Fireball is one of our most popular shots and the best way to toast with friends. Every week we feature Fireball Fridays and Fireball is $4 a shot.


Fireball Whisky

Source: Robert Azmitia Photography

Fireball shines on its own as well as in cocktails. We recently introduced our EATS! Spiced Honey Tea which is a blend of Jack Daniels Honey, Fireball, Triple Sec and Unsweet Tea served over ice in a mason jar and garnished with a fresh Florida orange wedge. Perfect for a warm day, this refreshing cocktail with a Southern twist has a hint of spice and goes down nice and easy. Be sure to talk to our talented bartenders who can suggest a Fireball shot that is perfect for you.


EATS! Spiced Honey Tea

Source: Robert Azmitia Photography

So, where did Fireball come from? LegendĀ  has it that it was created sometime in the mid 1980’s during the coldest winter Canada had ever seen when a mixologist “accidentally” created a permanent solution to frostbite. His solution was a cinnamon whisky which began to make its way around North America for a few years as a secret handshake between veteran bartenders. Known as Fireball, it began to surge in popularity when several bottles were smuggled to the United States from Canada. Fast forward to 2013 and you will find Fireball at fine establishments across the globe. EATS! is proud to showcase Fireball and Fireball enhanced cocktails.

What are you waiting for? Come get your FIREBALL on!